Type with design. Design with type. From the always imperfect hand-drawn letterform to computer generated vector shapes, good typography always makes an indelible mark. My own journey to typographic discovery began with calligraphy lessons in school, inspired by Ralph Douglass' book "Calligraphic Lettering", published by Watson-Guptill. Trying to draw Caslon letters using pen and ink on illustration board was a frustrating uphill battle. Then I discovered the magic of Letraset press-type and then the VGC PhotoTypositor. Now I was learning to hand-kern pairs and always finding new font designs to explore. Once the Mac came, the font explorations exploded. Thousands of fonts later, through various font managers, and many digital font formats, I now yearn for those long-forgotten fonts that never made it across the digital divide. Fonts like Antikva Margaret, Triset, Mellissa Inline, and the amazing Magnificat. Nothing for it but to scan those old font catalogs and go to work hand-tracing fonts in Illustrator!

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