This digital illustration is a multi-layered re-imagining of a scene from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass" stories. The lone Alice drawing is a colorized update from an original scan of Sir John Tenniel's woodcut illustration. The Tenniel drawing is public domain, all other images are original. This illustration is from original course content created for a college class teaching intermediate level digital imaging techniques using Adobe Photoshop. The finished illustration serves as an example of digital illustration and was created entirely in Adobe Photoshop. In addition, as part of the class learning exercise, portions of the background image are made available as a template for students to build their own "Flowerland." Students then complete the image by adding their own original masked flowers as well as their own colorized "Alice" image. Photographs were processed in Adobe Bridge, and then masked, retouched, colorized, and composited with effects added entirely in Adobe Photoshop. The garden is a stitched panorama. Individual flowers and flower groups were photographed and masked separately. The "Alice" image was scanned, then colorized using multiple layers. The Cheshire Cat face is another layered composition. The final image was used in a class project tutorial and published in PDF format.

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